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jay chou

i just gave cousin e the link to this blog. if she's reading this, "hi cousin e! leave a message."

it was cousin e who introduced me to music, back in grade 4, when she passed me a tape of ace of base "the sign" (thanks!). it was also her who planted the seed to my semi-addiction, when she gave me my first cd, a funfactory greatest hits compilation, as a christmas gift (more thanks!).

but over the years, our musical tastes diverged. she went chinese rock/pop; i went indie/alt. and shame on me, i never developed an interest in chinese rock/pop.

recently, i am trying to be more open-minded. last week, cousin e re-introduced me to the music of jay chou 周杰倫, with his most recent album "依然范特西" ("still fantasy"). i already began to like the album after seeing its pretty packaging (cd+dvd digipak with picture album booklet).

surprisingly, i found myself enjoying this album, despite the hip-hop influences. the songs are quite varied, even mixing in some traditional chinese music and classical sounds with the modern. i like that the guest vocalists add something extra to the songs, especially on "夜的第七章" ("twilight's chapter seven"). it's great. the downside is that i don't understand mandarin, but i can still follow along with the lyrics booklet.

i watched the accompanying dvd, featuring two music videos directed by jay chou himself, and in which he stars. they're quite elaborate, for a music video: mini-movies, with a full storyline, and nice period costumes.

i am slightly surprised that i am so receptive to this music. i guess my ears were so bored and jaded, they needed something new. and mandarin hip-hop is definitely new to me.




oh dear cousin...i'm actually very flattered that you mentioned me in your blog...and more so you enjoyed jay's cd!

nice blog...keep it up, cousin!

p.s. if you need more recommendations, let me know hehe!

oh my, you should Definitely check out his earlier stuff..."ye hui mei" i believe that's his 2nd album.
i totally agree with u on his awesome mix of traditonal chinese music and dialogues in his songs.

Wow, sounds interesting! You know what, I just found 夜的第七章 and I'm listening to it right now! I like it!! I wanted to try some Chinese song! Thanks!

i think i would like to check out some of his earlier stuff...