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bright eyes

another new release today is the bright eyes ep "four winds". i've all his albums, but this is actually the first bright eyes ep i've gotten. there was a period when i was a conor oberst fangirl, after discovering the near-perfect "lifted", but i am less obsessed now. i haven't listened to much bright eyes since the double release of "wide awake" and "digital ash" (except for that week when i got the b-sides compilation "noise floor"). it's good to hear some new material.

the "four winds" ep continues from "wide awake", in that country-ish, folk-ish kind of sound. as can be expected, smart, clever, quotable lyrics; conor oberst is a storyteller (lyrical genius). i love how his songs rarely have a chorus, and are just lines and lines of poetry. and that unmistakeable voice, with the slight quiver.

this ep is good enough to satisfy my craving/addiction, as i wait for the full-length. i hope he plays a show here eventually...

(oh, this cd also contains mp3's from a bunch of saddle creek bands. sweet!)


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u just said everything i want to say about bright eyes. that voice and the lyrics!...so is it emo?

i've never been good at labelling music. but his music is definitely emotional.

i just found out that they are touring... but no show here!