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amon tobin

just a week ago, i was listening to amon tobin's "bricolage", not knowing that he was releasing new material. i found out when i was in the store last week, saw a cd with cool album art, approached to see what it was, and oh, it was tobin's new album, "foley room". i hesitated to get it, not knowing if it was new material, or live recordings, or a compilation of whatever.

the past week, i checked it out, and heard some samples. the opening track "bloodstone" alone is worth the album. i did not bother hearing the rest before getting the cd today.

in "bloodstone", i love the slight dissonance in the screeching of the stringed instruments. strangely, that track makes me want to dance; i find that it sounds like an evil waltz. when my brother heard the song, he asked: "who died?"

from the album cover, i found out that this track features the kronos quartet (the same people who played on the "requiem for a dream" soundtrack, cool!).

to me, this album is a break from the usual indie rock stuff i listen to. i find there to be something unsettling about the sounds. (it may be because my first exposure to amon tobin's music is through this video that still scares me to this day.)

the album comes with a dvd, on how the album was created. this album is different in that rather than sample from old records, tobin went out to record various sounds. some are kinf of unusual: automated machinery in a factory, roaring tigers and other animals at parc safari, even ants and other insects. on the album, he combined this "found foutage" with recordings of musicians playing and experimenting with their instruments. quite interesting.


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