a log of cd's purchased + shows attended + other stuff.

summer is almost ending. and so i went to a few second-hand cd shops, to see what stock they have. i ended up finding a few things i am quite happy about.

my first stop was at l'échange. they place their stock vertically, which was a pain in the neck whenever i tried to browse the upper shelves.

as the poets affirm - awake
when i picked this from the store, i thought this was a post-rock-ish band from canada. and any kind of post-rock is good with me. but now that i am listening to it, it is not quite post-rock, mainly due to the inclusion of vocals on their songs...

the birthday massacre - violet
i can't wait to see them live on monday! coincidence: on my way into a store after cd shopping, my bag set off their anti-theft device. i took out all my cd's, and as the cashier was de-magnetizing them, she pointed at "violet" and said: "this is really good!" when i told her about their show on monday, she said she couldn't attend because it is a 18+ show. that's too bad.

the cure - the cure
i got this because it is the version including the dvd. as for all their previous albums, i am waiting for the deluxe re-issues. i am excited to be seeing them in september!

desaparecidos - read music/speak spanish
conor oberst's political rock band/side project.

the most serene republic - underwater cinematographer
"content was always my favourite colour" is a happy song. i like that song name.

mutemath - mutemath
i was quite impressed after seeing their video for "reset", shot live at one of their shows. such energy!


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