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matthew good

many thanks to rox for letting me know that matthew good is releasing a new album today! i had no idea until a couple of days ago. i like these types of surprises; anxious waiting is avoided.

the album has been streaming on the website for a while. even before hearing it, i knew i would be getting it. matthew good has consistently released some good albums; i would buy anything he releases in the future.

i've started to listen to "hospital music" right now. it's more subdued, much less rock than previous albums (especially compared to "beautiful midnight"). the songs are more mellow, which highlights how good his vocals are. a minor annoyance is how he tends to stretch out every second word he sings; it gets a bit tiring after a while.

on certain albums, there is an "eargasm" moment: a part in a song, usually when the melody shifts, that is the most perfect part of an entire album, sending chills down my spine. from now on, i'll start pointing out these special moments, should i find one on my future purchases. on "hospital music", the eargasm moment happens on track 5 "born losers", at around 3:42, when a sequence of notes are hammered out.


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