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plaza st-hubert

there was a sidewalk sale at plaza st-hubert this weekend. today, i went to check it out, recalling that there is a store selling music and films. i browsed through their second hand cd section, and picked up a few items.

amon tobin - permutation
i've been wanting to get some amon tobin cd's ever since i saw the video for "4-ton mantis". although this album does not contain that song, i got it anyway.

cocteau twins - lullabies to violaine
a compilation of their singles and ep's. although i am not much of a cocteau twins fan, i feel i should have some of their music in my collection.

lovely feathers - my best friend daniel
fun music to listen to. they were great, when i saw them live last year, easily upstaging the feature band they were opening for.

magneta lane - the constant lover
i remember seeing a video of this band. although i cannot remember the song, i think i liked it enough. besides, this cd was in the bargain section, so there is no harm in trying it.

patrick wolf - lycanthropy
my best find of the day. i was so happy to see this in the bargain section; i could hardly believe my luck! this is patrick wolf's debut album and it is amazing. i had ordered it at full price from amazon, only to have my order mixed up, and never getting the merchandise... and now i end up finding it at a super reduced price. yay! this is the main reason i love to shop at second hand stores; i never know what treasures i'll find, and sometimes at bargain prices too!

ryan adams - demolition
this gets me one step closer to collecting all of ryan adams' albums...

overall, i am very pleased at what i found today. especially that patrick wolf album...!


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