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ours @ le gymnase

by the time we arrived at the venue, the opening band acrobat was already playing. it seemed like the show had started early, as we only caught a couple of songs. it sounded alright.

since the venue wanted the show to end early, the second opening act did not perform at all. instead, ours were on right away! i was quite into them, back in 2001, when "distorted lullabies" was released. but i hadn't listened to that disc for so long, that now, it's kind of meh. i went to the show to check it out, and i wasn't expecting much.

i ended up being blown away. they are much, much better live than on disc. the size of the venue and of the crowd was perfect for this type of show. the intensity was seen and felt in each song. jimmy gnecco was great; he sang, wailed, and screamed. some songs gave me shivers.

i only recognised the tracks from "distorted lullabies". there was "here is the light" and "i'm a monster". during "miseryhead", a trio of guys at the front rocked out big time, raising their fists, punching up in the air; it was kind of a funny sight. i also recognised "murder", where gnecco did some praying, and wrapped a towel around his head. there was also a new song that sounded almost danceable. in the middle of the set, they played a 20-minute track of several movements; it was post-rock-ish, and i wish i knew what it was. they ended with "fallen souls", which was perfect.

it was a sweet but short set. now, i wait for the new album to come out, and hopefully, they will tour and come around again. i shall not miss it.

as always, i take awfully blurry pictures.


hearing damage: we stood next to the speakers, so my left ear is half-deaf at the moment. i'll sleep it off.


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Hey there.

Wasn't it the awesomest show ever? I think I missed the first few songs because of that douchebag of a venue. They started at 9 on the dot?

If I had known you were there I would've said "hey". You prolly saw me tough since I think I was right next to you. I was the slighty beared tall brown haired guy with the white long sleeved shirt.

The song with the long jam in the middle is "Get Up".

Here's a little treat you might enjoy ...

7 tracks from the upcoming "Dancing For the Death Of An Imaginary Enemy" album:

"Get Up"
"Live Again"
"Ran Away To Tell The World"
"The Moth"


The audio quality varies on these mp3s but listenable none the less.

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