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the birthday massacre, the knife

rox and i saw the birthday massacre live just a couple of weeks ago. finally, the new album "walking with strangers" was released today. we went to the music store to get it.

it's slightly annoyiing that the album release was after the show, where they mostly played new songs that i didn't know at the time. oh well. hopefully, they will tour again. they put on a good show.

from the new album, i really like the title track.

then, after grabbing the album we wanted, we wandered around the store. (bad idea.) we spied the knife's "silent shout". it was the deluxe edition, with an extra live audio cd, as well as a live dvd and music videos. it was also at a reduced price, too tempting to resist. so we ended up getting that too.

also, the listening posts at hmv are quite effective and evil; they make me discover new music, making me wanting to buy more than what i had planned to.

and so, today's purchase consisted of two albums with predominantly purple and black cover art, with evil-looking bunnies. and the bands' names are "the birthday massacre" and "the knife". it's like there is a theme...


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