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the birthday massacre @ petit café campus

tonight was the birthday massacre show. i went with rox and fil. it was my first time seeing this band live, after rox introduced me to their music a few years ago.

with no opening act except for dj mr. black spinning a mostly industrial/electro set, the birthday massacre played right away. i must admit that i am not too familiar with their material. but i still had a good time, dancing throughout the whole set.

we got good spots, right in front of the stage. the singer sang into our faces at times, haha. she's cute, like a dark pixie, prancing around on stage. the whole band had lots of energy, playing one song after another, with barely any pauses in-between. that was good, since the crowd was really into the music, dancing non-stop.

rox took some photos:

since i don't really know their songs, it was nice to see the setlist a few feet away from me. here is what i remember:

video kid
lovers end
falling down
red stars
looking glass
remember me
walking with strangers
horror show
kill the light

happy birthday

it would seem that most are from the new album. i will get it, when it comes out in two weeks.

after the show, the band stuck around and chatted with people. a couple of the bandmembers remember rox and fil, from having met them at their previous shows in montreal. they were nice and friendly. but i felt kind of awkward, asking for autographs, and i didn't know what to say to them, other than "awesome show."


cd purchase: i got their debut "nothing & nowhere". i was hoping that maybe they would sell the new album at the merch table, but they didn't.

hearing damage: surprisingly, not much, even though we were standing just in front of the stage. i think the dj set seemed louder...


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