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cheap thrills + saddle creek

the last time i was at cheap thrills, it was to get tickets. after browsing their online catalogue, i found a lot of stuff i wanted; i even made a list. i passed by the store today, on my way home from school, and picked up a few items from the list.

alcest - souvenirs d'un autre monde
a french band. i first heard this album when i downloaded it, on a whim, just because i had some bandwidth to waste, and it was a suggested free-leech torrent on one of those somewhat exclusive private sites. at first listen, i immediately fell in love with this post-rock album, with airy vocals. hard to believe this band started out in black metal; at cheap thrills, they were in the 'heavy' section.

a place to bury strangers - s/t
a noisy rip-off of the jesus and mary chain. but i like. they are playing in montreal in september, opening for shellac. i don't expect to go, so i got this cd instead. listening to it now, it also sounds a bit like old stuff from the cure. i like even more.

voxtrot - mothers, sisters, daughters & wives [ep]
i love the title track of this release. it sounds nice. harmless pop songs. for some reason, it makes me think of 60's mod, even though it has nothing to do with that... listening to this again right now, i realize that they actually sound like an indie-poppier version of ted leo.

yesterday was the release of non-saddle creek albums by two (ex-)saddle creek artists. i got them today, after my visit to cheap thrills. yeah, i think i was in the mood for new music.

conor oberst - s/t
i am a fangirl, and i will buy anything he releases.

the faint - fasciinatiion
i heard a few songs, and it seemed fun enough, in that retro dance kind of way.


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I'm interested in what you think of The Faint's Fasciination? This was the first album of theirs that I was exposed too. A little weird.

i find 'fasciinatiion' very similar to stuff they've done before; no surprises here. i don't *love* this album, but i do find the songs kind of catchy and fun.

yeah, i found their music a little weird too, when i first saw their video for agenda suicide. but their sound is interesting.

I am going to have to check out "A Place to Bury Strangers", any band that is in cahoots with Shellac is worth checking out. Thanks for the visit... I dig your blog, you have given me lots of stuff I need to check out!