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battle for the sun

i've been employed since may 1st. but due to various circumstances, this week was my first week of métro-boulot-dodo. i am still trying to adjust.

on tuesday, it was the release of placebo's sixth studio album "battle for the sun", with a new record label (vagrant for the north american release). i've been a steady fan of this band since grade 9 (ah, about ten years ago). i've followed them with every album release. i don't think they're super impressive (standard rock with a catchy melody and distinct vocal style), but they've never disappointed either.

after work on tuesday, i went to hmv at fairview to get the cd. (yes, i am back to living in the west island now.)

overall, there are no surprises with this album, very consistent with their previous material, even though they've a new drummer now. i've been listening to this all week, on the drive to work and back, and found myself singing along like an idiot. yeah, the songs are really catchy.

my favourite is the title track.


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I totally forgot they were coming out with a CD. I'll have to give it a listen. Thanks for the heads up :D

by the way, the new VNV nation leaked :P