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ihha 2009

last week, i was in shanghai to attend the ihha 2009 conference for work.

most of my days were spent at the convention center.

night view, front:

day view, river side:

the convention center was located in the hotel where i was staying. from my room, i also had a good view of the river:

along with the conference, there was an exposition held at another location, the soviet-style exhibition center:

the city of shanghai was gearing up for expo 2010. everywhere i went, i saw their blue mascot. what the heck is that thing supposed to be?

i had one day when i was free to do some sight-seeing. i started by visiting a pedestrian section of east nanjing road:

afterwards, i walked southwards, until reaching fuyou road, where i suppose is the beginning of old town:

i walked towards the yuyuan gardens. the surrounding neighbourhood was all pedestrian, with many shops, a tourist area:

the old style architecture seemed kind of artificial. certain sections were being restored:

for lunch, i had one of those "soup buns" i saw at many food stalls:

on my last day in shanghai, i took one last walk on the riverside promenade, next to the hotel. from there, i had a good view of the city center across the river. it was a bit grey that day:

at a nearby supermarket, i bought some snacks, some lays chips, in flavours i've never seen before:

overall, the conference was certainly an eye-opener, although i was not able to follow along with all the presentations. i will need to read the technical papers for more details.

the weather was too hot for me. good thing i stayed inside for most days.




I just finished looking at all of the pictures. Shanghai looks really cool - strange architecture (especially the spherical shaped buildings), but quite interesting to see. Not surprised it was so hot - especially at this time of year :s
I noticed that the train was going at 301 kph :O
btw, I'm not sure what that mascot could be either...He reminds me a bit of Towlie from South Park, but I doubt there's any connection...

yeah, i was too lazy to caption my photo album, but that is the maglev train that goes to the airport.

my boss said the mascot looks like gumby...