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body talk

robyn's new mini-album "body talk pt.2" was released today; i got it on my way to school. it's more of that cool pop-electro stuff she does so well.

standout track for me is "indestructible (acoustic version)"; the strings in the beginning is so lovely. and i love the tough girl act on "u should know better".

robyn - indestructible (acoustic version)

robyn feat. snoop dogg - u should know better

[side note: i am still continuing my challenge. i am at the blood brothers' releases right now. i haven't listened to this stuff in so long that i'd forgotten how much i love it.]


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I just listened to Body Talk pt 1 and 2. :D
So far I like "Dancing on my own" and "hang with me". I already had "With every heartbeat" before which appeared on a different album by Kleerup.

yeah, "with every heart beat" is an older song from her previous self-titled album. that album is worth checking out too.