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marché du disque

my second stop was at marché du disque. they place their stock horizontally in rows. my friend called me at that time. i chatted on my phone, while flipping through rows and rows of cd's. i was surprised that i managed to find a few albums, despite the slight distraction. i felt bad about staying on the phone while paying for my purchase; how rude of me.

65daysofstatic - one time for all time
coincidence: this happens to be the album with my favourite song "radio protector". i cannot wait to see them open for the cure, in september.

new order - get ready
new order - waiting for the sirens' call
i've been listening to new order's discography. good stuff. these are their two most recent studio albums.

nine inch nails - further down the spiral
remix album, companion to "the downward spiral" that i love so much. and i usually like hearing remixes too.

dfa compilation #2
i've told myself not to buy compilations anymore. but this one comes with three discs, and could serve as a dance mix, i suppose.


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